Online Bridge Loan:- European Land submitted a development application on 3rd December 2010 for the construction of Merchant Square Building 2. The chosen site is Building 2, Merchant Square, Harbet Road, Paddington, London, W2 1AJ. This is Brownfield Site project, which will include demolition of existing infrastructure and construction of a 17-storey building. This privately funded Brownfield Site project will cover a floor area of 22637 square meters and a site area of 1700 square meters.

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This project will begin construction in October 2018. It will feature 1 structure, which will rise up to 17 storeys high. 2 of the developed storeys will be below the ground level. The development will provide 13 parking spaces and the net retail floor space will cover an area of 4400 square meters. The development will include the construction of general offices, retail units, high tech offices, restaurants, pubs, bars, canteens, audience centres, conference centres and surface car parking.

Ms Shaula Zanchi of Robin Partington Architects will act as one of the lead architects for the project. She will be joined by Mr Andy Jordan of Reef Associates and Mr Dave Brown of Focchi Limited. Mr Chris Beard of DP9 Planning Consultants will be the primary planner for this project. Mr Robert Townsend of Townshend Landscape Architects has been assigned the role of the lead landscape architect. He will be joining architects from Peter Stewart Consultancy and Ginkgo Projects Limited.

Arcadis Head Office will be the Quantity Surveyor, along with Core Five LLP. Mechanical and Electrical engineering consultancy services will be provided by Mr Alan Herbert and Mr Matthew Lewis of Hoare Lea. Structural engineering and Civil engineering consultancy will be conducted by WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff (Head Office).

EB7 Limited will provide its consultancy services in the field of Sustainability. JRL Group Limited currently holds the Civils subcontract, demolition subcontract, floors subcontract, foundations subcontract and groundworks subcontract. The plant subcontractor was given to London Tower Crane Hire. HZA works with the motive to ensure project success through its easy loan policies.

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