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At Hank Zarihs Associates, you’ll find an experienced team specialising in investment and development funding in Glasgow and the UK. Our highly experienced financial intermediaries will help you take your project forward with the required due diligence, finding the most suitable lender for your situation. Contact us to find out about your funding options today.

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We are a professional bridging loan broker in Glasgow, offering a range of professional services. Below, you will find the main services we can offer you.

  • Funding agreed in minutes
  • Unmortgageable property
  • No proof of income
  • Lending up to 80% LTV
  • No exits fees
  • All asset classes
  • Ground up and conversions
  • 100% of construction cost
  • 90% loan to cost
  • Whole blocks
  • HMO portfolio
  • All asset classes
  • Loans up to 70% LTV
  • Rates from 8.99% Pa
  • Low Exit Fees
  • Loans from £250,000 to £10m
  • To purchase residential or
    commercial property quickly
    from an auction

Glasgow property auctions are a good location to find deals, but bidding at auction isn’t as simple as many shows make it appear. If you aren’t prepared financially, the moment the hammer drops might turn into a frustrating experience.

You have 28 days from the date of the auction to close on the property you won. In contrast to the time and difficulty involved in securing long-term finance like mortgages, bridging loans provide a quick and easy alternative for closing on auction properties.

Whether you are buying land to build on or refurbishing a property, get the finance you need to complete the transaction.

Auction loans are specialist products with unique features. This form of short-term finance has a fast turnaround time, and you can use it to buy residential or commercial property at auction. Once you have provided us with your details, we can start getting tailored offers in under half an hour.

Bridging loans are short-term, secured loans typically used to get projects moving or meet short-term finance needs, and they typically have a tenure of between one and twelve months. Bridging loans are short-term loans that may be established in as little as a few days and used for any purpose until the borrower’s permanent financing is in place, which is often the result of the sale or refinancing of real estate.

Bridging finance can be used in residential and commercial property transactions by house buyers, developers, landlords, and investors. These loans can be used for the acquisition of a property, the construction of a property, or the renovation of an existing property. Bridging financing is an option that may be pursued by people and corporations alike that are in need of quick liquidity.

If you need fast access to funds to buy a property in without the usual delays, these loans are ideal. They are suitable for enterprises, individuals and developers for buying properties, renovation and other purposes.

We can help you find the best development loans in Glasgow from trusted and experienced lenders, making it quicker for you to access finance.

A development loan can be used for the construction or renovation of a home, business, or other type of property.

Experienced builders and developers may often secure development financing to help them bring their construction plans to fruition. Lenders who specialise in providing funds for property development will assess the property’s projected appreciation before extending credit.

This form of short-term finance is used by landlords, developers and builders to cover refurbishment costs or the cost of the entire development. It is usually more suitable for experienced borrowers, but we can help new developers too. When a standard mortgage is unsuitable, development finance can be a good alternative.

Get a term loan in Glasgow and repay it in regular instalments over a period of time. We can help you to access term loans with both variable and fixed interest rates. You could use a term loan for your HMO portfolio or for other purposes. This type of loan is suitable for all asset classes, and we will help you to find the right finance fast.

A loan taken out by a company and required to be repaid over a certain amount of time is known as a term loan. The loan must be repaid by the company, and the interest rate might be either fixed or variable. Term loans are often only made accessible to already-established companies, and receiving one may need that the borrower make a sizeable initial down payment in order to lower the monthly payment amount and overall cost of the loan.

Term loans are typically utilised for the acquisition of fixed assets such as land, buildings, or machinery; for long term investments such as the expansion or modernization of a business; and, on occasion, for the financing of projects.

Find the right commercial mortgage in Glasgow by contacting us today, and we will work with our panel of highly respected lenders to find the best deal for you. You can use a commercial mortgage to buy properties as well as improve properties or release equity.

Commercial mortgages or sometimes referred to as “business  mortgages” are loans with terms ranging from medium to long-term that can be used to finance the purchase of business premises or the acquisition of an already established company.

A commercial mortgage may also be used to finance the purchase of an investment property with the intention of subsequently renting or leasing the property to another company.

There are two main types of commercial mortgages. These include commercial investment mortgages for buying a property to rent and owner-occupied commercial mortgages, which you can use when you run your business from the building. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can help you to get JV funding in Glasgow if you need to purchase a property at auction and you need to find finance fast. Due to the large expense of developing properties, you often need tailored solutions. With this type of funding, the investor agrees to fund your venture in return for a share in the profits.

Money for a project that is being developed by more than one developer is called a joint venture, equity development finance, or JV development funding.

Unlike more conventional forms of property development financing, joint venture funding can provide access to up to 90% of the development expenditures for a project. In addition, developers with a history of successfully completing projects may be eligible for all available financing.

Both well-run established developers and newer, less experienced players might struggle with cash flow issues. When you don’t have money set aside as a down payment for the next contract, you’re stuck with fewer alternatives and slower expansion. A Joint Venture (JV) structure, on the other hand, allows for the sharing of risks and costs while providing access to additional resources and expertise.

JV funding can be a good option when you don’t want to wait to get your project moving, and it is suitable for experienced investors.


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At Hank Zarihs Associates, we work with experienced lenders who have excellent track records to make sure our clients access loan products from trusted lenders with the best rates.

We can offer you a wide range of products in Glasgow and the UK, including products that you won’t normally find on the open market.

We always work quickly and efficiently, so you can find the best bridging loan in Glasgow without delay, and we always provide tailored advice. We also take customer service very seriously and focus on developing long-term relationships with our clients.

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