Shiraz Khan
Managing Director

Shiraz Khan is the founder of Hank Zarihs Associates, having started the firm in 2005, Shiraz has been involved within the commercial and business finance industry for over 25 years, along the way Shiraz has established himself as the go-to within the bridging finance industry. To find out how Shiraz can help you, call him on 077 4783 4399 today.

Anthony Figurado
Head Of Bridging Finance

Anthony Figurado has been involved in the finance industry for over 17 years and has worked many different positions within the finance sector, from brokering multi million-pound deals, to managing a team of sales professionals and much more. Anthony now heads the bridging finance team at Hank Zarihs Associates. To find out how Anthony can help you, call him on 079 39 11 82 82 today.

Karen Raby
Relationship Manager

With over ten years in the finance industry, Karen has been involved with major financial business, such as Cavendish investments, Chevalier Capital Investments and Fitzalan Partners. Karen is now advancing her career as a relationship manager at Hank Zarihs associates. To find out how Karen can help you, call her on 079 5688 2288 today.

Connor Kus
Operations Manager

Having worked in the financial and property service sector for over five dr Kus has built up a wealth of specialised knowledge and is now working as the business development manager at Hank Zarihs associates. To find out how Connor can help you call him on 074 4749 9243 today.

Howard Winter
Relationship Manager

Howard Winter spent the first 20 years of his working life trading options and futures on the LIFFE exchange. Leveraging the skills and contacts he gained during his time trading the markets. For the past five years, Howard has been the relationship manager at Hank Zarihs Associates. To find out how Howard can help you, call him on 079 4122 7574 today.

Ruzvana Cherry
Finance Consultant

Ruzvana Cherry has over 20 years of experience within the financial sector having worked for major companies such as HSBC specialist investments, National Australia Bank, Tullet Prebon she has become the go-to financial consultant within the industry. To find out how Ruzvana can assist you, send an email to today!

Jesse McMullen
Credit Risk Manager

Jesse Mcmullen started his career as an oil futures trader in 2011, throughout the years Jesse has been levelling up in his career, from working with PwC UK, BNP Paribas, Santander UK and more. Jesse has now settled with Hank Zarihs Associates, working as the manager of credit risk at Hank Zarihs Associates. If you have any questions for Jesse, email him on