Shiraz Khan
Managing Director

Shiraz brings a wealth of experience to his role, with over 20 years of experience in the property finance industry. In 2003, at just 24 yrs old and with no prior experience in financial services he established his own mortgage brokerage firm and expanded the team from a one-man operation to over eight advisers in a short period. Unfortunately, the 2008 'credit crunch' had a severe impact on the market, leading Shiraz to scale down the operation to just himself.

In 2014, Shiraz founded and started Hank Zarihs Associates, again on his own he started building his client base by making over 150 calls per day from a small office to property developers across the UK.

His persistence and hard work, working 12 hours days, enabled him in the first year, to complete loans worth £1.5m. By year two, he had grown this to £14m and to £40m by year three, fast-forward to 2023 HZA has arranged over £700m in bridging and development finance for more than 300 property professionals.

Shiraz's leadership, vision, determination and expertise have been instrumental in the company's success

Anthony Figurado
Head Of Bridging Finance

Anthony Figurado is a seasoned finance professional with over 17 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has held diverse roles ranging from brokering multimillion-pound deals to leading teams of sales professionals. Prior to joining Hank Zarihs Associates (HZA), Anthony worked at Natwest, gaining valuable experience and honing his skills.

Currently, Anthony serves as the head of the Bridging Finance department at HZA, where he has been an invaluable member of the team. Under his leadership, the Bridging Finance department has achieved remarkable success. Over the past two years, he has successfully arranged over £20,000,000 in bridging finance, leveraging his skills and expertise to create tailored financing solutions for HZA's clients.

Anthony's deep understanding of the financial industry and his unwavering commitment to his work have made him an exceptional asset to the HZA team. He has built a reputation as a highly regarded finance professional, consistently delivering results that exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues alike.

As the head of the Bridging Finance department, Anthony plays a pivotal role in the continued success of HZA. His professional experience, coupled with his remarkable leadership and outstanding performance, has contributed to the company's reputation as a leader in the finance industry.

Daniel Khan
Case Manager

Daniel Khan brings over two years of experience in the financial services industry, where he has excelled in a variety of roles. His career began in the property sector, where he gained experience in customer service and sales. He later transitioned to property finance, where he provided expert advice and guidance to clients on a range of financial products.

In June 2021, Daniel joined Hank Zarihs Associates as a Sales Executive, where he quickly established himself as a valuable member of the team. Due to his exceptional performance, Daniel was promoted to Case Manager, where he has been instrumental in driving the success of the company.

In his current role, Daniel is responsible for managing a team of case managers, overseeing the processing of loans worth over £40m, and providing expert advice to clients on bridging, development, and buy-to-let finance. He is also responsible for managing customer expectations and experiences, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service.

Daniel's extensive knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry have been invaluable in his current role. He has implemented innovative methods of working, increasing the operational efficiency of the Case Management division, and improving the overall client experience. We are proud to have Daniel as part of our team and look forward to his continued contributions to the success of Hank Zarihs Associate

Neil Glover
Business Development Manager

I am a highly motivated individual who excels in delivering exceptional customer experiences from initiation to completion. Throughout my extensive tenure in the property industry, I have cultivated remarkable connections with numerous clients who have sought my assistance in meeting their diverse financial and property needs.

In recent years, my affinity for the property auction model has significantly deepened. I am genuinely enamoured with the opportunity to offer vendors a distinct alternative.

I thrive on establishing robust relationships with investors, consistently earning their trust and confidence.I possess a proclivity for thinking innovatively and derive great satisfaction from devising alternative solutions.

Recognising the importance of interpersonal dynamics, I firmly believe that the ability to connect with others is paramount. I am a steadfast advocate of adhering to one's values and principles.

Connor Kus
Operations Manager

Hank Zarihs Associates (HZA) is pleased to have Connor Kus as an essential member of our team since 2016. With a strong background in property development and extensive experience in the industry, Connor has played a critical role in managing complex development projects.

His ability to oversee projects such as the assembly of a master plan comprising 5,000+ new homes in Cheshunt has helped establish him as a trusted expert in his field. Prior to joining HZA, Connor worked as an estate agent in Canary Wharf, where he sold prime real estate in the Quays.

At HZA, Connor has continued to excel and has assisted on loans totalling over £200M. His ability to manage complex projects and provide expert advice to our clients has earned him a reputation as a valuable asset to our team. Due to his exceptional abilities and expertise, Connor has been promoted to Operations Manager, where he oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. He has since led the completion of two more developments, solidifying his position as a leader in the property finance industry.

Connor's dedication to the success of our clients and his unwavering commitment to excellence has made him an integral part of the HZA team. We are proud to have him as part of our company and look forward to his continued contributions to our success

Howard Winter
Relationship Manager

Howard Winter is a highly accomplished individual who has established himself as a vital asset to the Hank Zarihs Associates (HZA) business. With a proven track record of success, Howard is responsible for arranging tens of millions of pounds in property finance each year, making a significant contribution to the company's continued growth

Before joining HZA, Howard gained extensive experience working with some of the most distinguished financial institutions in the industry, including Credit Agricole, Rodman & Renshaw, Carr Indosuez, and Credit Lyonnaise. In these roles, Howard honed his skills and gained valuable insights into the nuances of financial management and property finance.

Howard brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the industry to his position at HZA. His professional background, coupled with his exceptional performance and unwavering commitment to his work, has earned him a reputation as a highly regarded expert in the field of property finance.

Kenan Ata
Business Development Manager

Hank Zarihs Associates (HZA) is excited to welcome Kenan Ata as our newest Business Development Manager. With his exceptional skills, industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Kenan has quickly become an integral part of our sales team.

In his role, Kenan has been responsible for establishing and maintaining numerous new business relationships, leveraging his natural talent for building trust and rapport with clients. Although new to the property finance sector, Kenan has quickly established himself as a trusted advisor and expert in the industry, using his deep understanding of finance, sales, and business development to create tailored financing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Since joining HZA, Kenan has made a significant impact on the business, having worked on deals worth over £50M. His exceptional performance and dedication to client satisfaction have earned him a reputation as a valuable member of the team, and we are confident that he will continue to make significant contributions to the success of HZA.

Kenan's diverse experience in business development, combined with his exceptional skills in sales and client relationship management, make him a valuable asset to HZA. We look forward to his continued success and contributions to the growth and success of our business.

Janelle Baffa

Meet Janelle, an ambitious and driven Finance Intern at Hank Zarihs Associates, one of the UK's leading finance companies. A Second-Year student at The Cardiff University studying law. Janelle brings a fresh perspective and a solid academic foundation to the firm. Her strong analytical skills, along with a keen interest in financial markets, make her a valuable asset to our team.

Janelle's passion for finance was evident early on, leading her to pursue relevant internships and projects throughout her academic journey. She has previously worked on research projects focused on sustainable finance and financial technology, bringing innovative ideas to the table.

Her ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, along with her proactivity and eagerness to learn, has already demonstrated her potential for success in this field. As an intern at Hank Zarihs Associates, she is currently honing her skills in financial analysis, risk management, and investment strategies.

Janelle is not just about numbers, though. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures. She also maintains a regular yoga practice to balance the rigours of her professional life.

Janelle's ambition, combined with her dedication and enthusiasm for finance, make her an exceptional member of the Hank Zarihs Associates team. We're confident that she will use this internship opportunity to further enhance her skills, broaden her professional network, and make a meaningful contribution to our firm. With Janelle on board, the future of finance looks brighter than ever!