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When you are looking for specialist bridging finance, it helps to use calculations to get a sense of your likely costs and repayments. Our bridging calculator has been designed to provide indicative results of how much your bridging loan could cost. It has been built specifically with bridging finance in mind so that you can enter key information such as the interest rate, loan term, fees, value of security / underlying asset and so forth.

There are more bridging finance deals on the market now than ever, and our bridging calculator will show you how much impact even the smallest fluctuation in interest rates and fees have on your repayments. At Hank Zarihs, we are able to gain you access to some of the most competitive bridging loans on the market. Please use our calculator to assist you with your research, or contact our team to obtain a rapid and personalised illustration of the bridging finance that our lending panel is ready to offer for your project.

Bridging loan examples

Bridging loans serviced monthly, offer maximum borrowing from day one. The monthly repayments are calculated according to monthly interest repayments, with the capital lump sum outstanding and repaid when the bridging loan comes to an end. This option tends to best suit customers with a regular, consistent cash flow during the loan’s lifetime, who can meet the monthly payments easily without any need to over-extend their finances.

You can also calculate how much your loan would cost with rolled up payments. With this approach, the interest fee is calculated for the duration of the loan when you apply for it, and it is charged as a single sum when the loan is repaid. This is sometimes preferred by applicants whose security asset/s will not be generating income while the bridging loan is in place. Please note that, when you use the bridging finance calculator to calculate a rolled-up interest loan, the sum for total borrowing must fall within the lender’s LTV requirements – e.g. including both borrowings plus rolled interest, which must remain within the LTV as a combined sum. Many bridging loans are offered at a 75% LTV, although some lenders may offer greater flexibility.

How do I use the bridging loan calculator

The bridging calculator is used as a tool for reference purposes. Simply add in as much information as you have to get an indicative idea of costs and to see the impact that changing interest rates, term duration, security value and other variables have on the amount that you will pay. You can also adjust the results to take into account a serviced net loan or a deducted net loan. Remember that the loan is there to provide guidance, but the Hank Zarihs Associates team are here to provide a tailored illustration in as little as an hour – allowing you to progress with your plans without delay.

How are bridging loans calculated?

Bridging loans are designed to be short-term finance, usually for property development, renovation, auction purposes and other specific purposes. The borrower services the interest on the short-term bridging product until the underlying asset (the property) is either sold, or a long-term mortgage is put into place.

Because bridging loans are short-term finance deals for a specialist purpose, they are more expensive than other types of long-term property or business finance, such as commercial mortgages. If interest is being serviced, it will be paid monthly – and the loan is calculated with interest applied on a monthly basis (as opposed to annually, with a traditional mortgage.) The interest rate can vary greatly by provider, according to the applicant’s own situation, project and credit history.

At Hank Zarihs Associates, we work with a large panel of tried and tested lenders who provide highly competitive bridging loans for all circumstances, with flexible features and options for treating interest in different ways (such as servicing the interest, rolling it up or deducting it from the advance).

Who would benefit from a bridging loan?

Bridging finance is a common form of short-term, rapid-access finance that is often used by:

– Developers, individuals or businesses who are buying a commercial or residential property at auction
– Individuals or companies managing private sales
– Developers carrying out refurbishment, renovation or improvement works on a property
– Buyers who cannot get a traditional mortgage on an uninhabitable mortgage (or who cannot get a traditional mortgage for other reasons, such as perhaps their age.)
– Buyers who want to access cash rapidly for a cash-only property purchase.

Bridging finance offers access to rapid finance with minimal paperwork or fuss. This type of loan tend to best suit experienced applicants who understand the features of bridging loans and who have a clear exit plan in place (the property sale or a conversion to a longer-term mortgage.)

Are bridging loans a good idea?

Bridging loans are widely available and used heavily by property investors and developers of all kinds. Their flexible, rapid nature makes this type of loan highly attractive – but, like all types of finance, there are risks involved if applicants do not understand the terms. Bridging loans are designed to be short-term in nature and their interest rates reflect this. At Hank Zarihs Associates, we always provide the full financial picture via a tailored, transparent illustration for each applicant. We provide advice and support throughout the process and answer all questions so that our clients are confident that they are taking out the right financial product for their needs.

Why choose Hank Zarihs as your bridging broker?

Hank Zarihs Associates are a specialist bridging loan intermediary, working with a respected panel of tried and tested business lenders who offer bridging finance and other types of loan. We make the entire process quick, easy and hassle-free, by carrying out the administration for our clients, securing them highly competitive rates (often not available on the open market) and prioritising long-term relationships, so that our clients are keen to use our service on an on-going basis, as their project s- and ambitions – evolve.

How do I qualify for a bridging loan?

Every lender has its own terms, applicant can have been trading for at least 1 day, but should have a clear exit plan in place. Again, Hank Zarihs Associates can help you to present your project in a way that best meets lenders needs and which maximises your chance of receiving competitive bridging finance offers.


The borrowing criteria for bridging loans vary by lender, but these loans do tend to be very flexible. Bridging loans are available to individuals and businesses alike, so long as the applicant has a cash deposit or security (usually in the form of property). Your credit rating and income evidence will affect the terms that you will be offered. Even if you have no proof of income or an impaired credit rating, there are non-status bridging loans available.

Typical interest rates

A residential bridging loan with 50% LTV could cost as little as 0.43% pm, with an application of 1-1.5% that is added to the loan. A non-status loan for a similar product, but with an 80% LTV could cost as little as 1.10% per calendar month, with the same application fee structure. Please view a full list of indicative current interest rates on our website or contact our team for rapid access to a tailored illustration for your project.

How long does it take to arrange a bridging loan?

Typically, a bridging loan can be organised in just seven days, however, some can be completed in as little as three days. Need access to bridging finance even faster than this? Please contact our team now.

What can bridging loans be used for?

As a flexible finance product, there are various instances in which a bridging loan might be used. For example:

– To buy a property at auction
– To buy a property that is considered uninhabitable and unsuitable for a traditional mortgage
– To renovate or refurbish a property
– To provide rapid finance for a second charge arrangement
– To provide instant funding when a property is being sold on a cash basis.


Are there any lender fees?

Lender fees will be defined in the tailored illustration that you will receive from the team at Hank Zarihs Associates.

Broker fees

We charge an application fee of 1-2% depending on your bridging loan, which is added to the loan itself.

Other additional fees?

There may be other fees, such as valuation fees and legal paperwork, as well as exit fees for administering paperwork. Again, these will be provided in a full and transparent way before you make a decision.

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Our team of bridging finance specialists are here to help you access the right type of bridging finance for your needs – as well as alternatives to bridging loans, if more appropriate. We work from 9 am to 9 pm on Mondays to Fridays. Call us on 020 3889 4403.

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