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Hank Zarihs Associates are experienced financial intermediaries specialising in development and investment funding. We have the experience and expertise required to present your project in a format which will satisfy the lending institutions credit committees. Before we take a project forward we conduct due diligence which enables us to select the most appropriate lender for each project.

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We are a professional bridging loan broker in Wolverhampton, offering a range of professional services. Below, you will find the main services we can offer you.

  • Funding agreed in minutes
  • Unmortgageable property
  • No proof of income
  • Lending up to 80% LTV
  • No exits fees
  • All asset classes
  • Ground up and conversions
  • 100% of construction cost
  • 90% loan to cost
  • Whole blocks
  • HMO portfolio
  • All asset classes
  • Loans up to 70% LTV
  • Rates from 8.99% Pa
  • Low Exit Fees
  • Loans from £250,000 to £10m
  • To purchase residential or
    commercial property quickly
    from an auction

Want to purchase a property in Wolverhampton at auction? You might want to refurbish or buy land to build on, and you may need finance to complete the transaction.

Auction loans are a specialist type of lending product designed for this very purpose with special features included.

They are a form of short-term finance for quick turnaround times. Auction purchases need a completion of 28 working days or less, and long-term finance is rarely suitable.

You can use short-term auction finance in Wolverhampton to buy property at auction, whether commercial or residential and get rapid access to funds to complete the transaction.

Speed is of the essence with auction finance, so we work rapidly using our streamlined process. Provide your details and receive tailored offers in as little as 20 minutes.

Bridging loans are a form of short-term finance that bridge the gap between purchase and long-term funding. For example, they are useful when a property is sold as part of a chain, and they are often used where there is a delay between purchasing the property and the funding arrangement.

Bridging loans are often the preferred option when the buyer wants fast access to funds to acquire a property without all the delays and paperwork. They are utilised by many types of borrowers, from individuals to developers and enterprises.

These can be used for several purposes, from renovating a property to buying a commercial property. But they are complex and sophisticated loans, so they are not suitable for everyone.

We can help you find the best development loans in Wolverhampton from trusted lenders with expertise. We offer an intermediary service to simplify your access to finance and make it quicker and easier, thanks to our expert lending panel.

Short-term development finance is used by landlords, builders and property developers. It’s often needed to fund a refurbishment or the whole development cost. This type of finance is suitable for experienced borrowers, but we can also help first-time developers.

Development finance can be useful for anyone who wants to buy a property at auction or to secure finance against a property that is not habitable and a standard mortgage is not suitable.

We can help borrowers to access suitable term loans for a wide range of purposes. T

To put it simply, a term loan is a lump sum of money borrowed from a financial institution such as a banks and lenders.

Funds are advanced by the lending institution, and they are repaid by you plus interest over the course of several months to years. Fixed or variable, the interest rate is typically much lower than those of alternative forms of financing.

Term loans are versatile and may be used for anything, from home improvements to funding a new company venture. Term loans are popular among business owners because they may be used for both short- and long-term goals.

You may want a term loan for your HMO portfolio or whole blocks. Term loans are suitable for all asset classes, and we can help you find the finance you need fast.

A commercial mortgage might be a workable solution for you if you want to buy a building with the intention of using it as collateral for a loan against the property where your company is located. In order to successfully qualify for a commercial mortgage, you will need to consult with a mortgage counsellor because there is no one product on the market that will fulfil all of your financing needs.

The term “commercial mortgage” refers to a specific form of mortgage loan taken out on non-residential (or “commercial”) real estate. Commercial mortgages can be used to buy or refinance commercial assets, such as office space for a business or a rental property for investors. They are flexible enough to be utilised for funding entire commercial, mixed-use, and even vacant land sites.

Because commercial mortgage lenders typically evaluate each application on its own merits, its eligibility requirements can be more lenient than those of conventional mortgage lenders. As a result, rather than restricting themselves to a narrow set of conditions, lenders are free to evaluate a far wider range of options.

Types of Commercial Mortgages

When a property is being bought for the buyer’s own business to operate from, an owner-occupied commercial mortgage, also known as a business mortgage, is employed.

If you plan on renting out your commercial property to another company, you will need to apply for a commercial investment mortgage, often known as a commercial buy to let mortgage. This is the commercial equivalent of a “buy to let” mortgage.

In the case of interest-only commercial mortgages, monthly payments are limited to the interest amount. This offers the benefit of reducing your monthly mortgage payment but will increase the total interest you pay on your business loan. An interest-only commercial mortgage must be repaid in full or refinanced through a commercial remortgage at the conclusion of the mortgage term.

To progressively pay off your commercial mortgage over the course of the loan term, capital repayment mortgages require making monthly payments that cover both the principal balance and the interest accrued on the loan. You will have to make larger payments toward your mortgage each month as a result of this, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your property will be paid off by the end of the loan term.

Commercial mortgages with fixed rates have an interest rate that does not change for the duration of the loan, which is typically between two and five years. Your monthly repayments will stay the same throughout a fixed rate term, regardless of any changes that the Bank of England Base Rate may undergo during that time period. If you choose a product with a fixed interest rate, you will profit from the increase in interest rates; but you will not benefit from any decreases in interest rates.

Variable rate of interest Commercial mortgages do not have a fixed rate, therefore if interest rates fluctuate, so might your interest rate and consequently your monthly payments.

If you want to purchase property from an auction quickly, whether a residential or commercial property, JV funding in Wolverhampton can be useful.

Joint venture finance is increasingly popular in Wolverhampton and across the UK. Developing properties from scratch or developing new properties is expensive, and the demand for finance is high.

Tailored solutions are often needed, and joint ventures provide such an option. This is a type of finance where the investor or partner agrees to fund the property venture for a share in the profits.

They are ideal when you want to get a project moving, and you don’t have much capital at the time, and they are most suitable for experienced developers. If you want to arrange equity and JV funding, contact us today to find out about your options.


Why Choose Us?

If you are considering a bridging loan broker in Wolverhampton, why choose Hank Zarihs Associates?

Our clients choose us over and over again for several reasons. For a start, we find you the best rates. We work with a panel of respected and experienced lenders with excellent track records, so our clients can access the best rates and loan products from trusted lenders.

We also have a wide range of loan products you can access. Most bridging loans in Wolverhampton are not available on the open market because they are specialist products. We can get you access to a wide range of loans and deals that you would simply not find searching directly.

We are also fast and efficient, which is essential for our clients. We can help you find the right bridging loan in Wolverhampton in minutes, and we can often gather the information and quotes from lenders within the hour and arrange your bridging loan within days.

We provide tailored advice for our Wolverhampton clients along with transparent information. You can trust us to deliver, and you can have full confidence in the products we secure for you.

Finally, our customer service is exemplary. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients based on providing maximum value, and we have a superb track record.

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