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At Hank Zarihs Associates, we specialise in investment and development funding in Liverpool. We focus on the real estate market, and we help professional investors and developers raise equity and debt. We provide solutions fast, so you don’t have to wait around. Contact us today for more information about bridging loans in Liverpool.

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We are a professional bridging loan broker in Liverpool, offering a range of professional services. Below, you will find the main services we can offer you.

  • Funding agreed in minutes
  • Unmortgageable property
  • No proof of income
  • Lending up to 80% LTV
  • No exits fees
  • All asset classes
  • Ground up and conversions
  • 100% of construction cost
  • 90% loan to cost
  • Whole blocks
  • HMO portfolio
  • All asset classes
  • Loans up to 70% LTV
  • Rates from 8.99% Pa
  • Low Exit Fees
  • Loans from £250,000 to £10m
  • To purchase residential or
    commercial property quickly
    from an auction

If you are planning to purchase a property at auction in Liverpool, you may need access to finance. We can help you find the right auction loan. These are specialist products with a fast turnaround because long-term finance is not suitable for auction purchases.

You can use short-term auction finance to buy commercial or residential property at auction and get quick access to funds so you can complete the transaction sooner. We can often get tailored offers back to you within 20 minutes of receiving your details.

Bridging finance is a form of short-term finance to bridge the gap between purchasing a property and securing long-term funding. Bridging loans in Liverpool are useful when there is a delay in arranging funding and you need fast access to funds.

You can use these loans to purchase a property without any delays. They are often used to purchase or renovate a property, and they are suitable for both individuals and businesses.

Get development loans in Liverpool from trusted lenders at the best rates. We simplify access to finance by working with a panel of experienced lenders.

Development loans are used by builders, developers and landlords to fund refurbishments or larger developments. They are useful if you are planning to buy a property at auction or in other situations where a standard mortgage is not an option.

A financial loan known as a term loan is one that is typically repaid in equal instalments over the course of a certain amount of time. Term loans typically have terms ranging from one to 10 years, although in exceptional instances, they can have terms that are as long as thirty years. A term loan will often have an adjustable interest rate, which means that the total amount that has to be returned will increase.

Contact us to find out about getting access to a term loan for a range of purposes. Pay back the loan in regular instalments over a period of time and choose from fixed or variable rates. Whatever your project, term loans can be a good option, so let us help you find the right product for your needs.

Commercial mortgages are a type of financing used largely for the acquisition or refinancing of real estate used for commercial or business purposes, such as by a company to do business or for investment purposes (commercial buy to let mortgage).

Fully commercial buildings, such as offices, retailers, and warehouses, are eligible for a commercial mortgage, as are semi-commercial properties, such as a shop with residential accommodation above it or a house with a business unit adjacent to it.

Commercial mortgages are often regarded as a sophisticated kind of financing that calls for specialised knowledge and experience.

You can choose from commercial investment mortgages and owner-occupied commercial mortgages and we will help you find the best rates.

If you want to purchase a residential or commercial property at auction in Liverpool, we can help you arrange JV funding. Joint venture finance is a good option when developing properties due to the high costs involved.

When two or more companies work together toward a same objective, they are engaging in a “Joint Venture.” A popular scenario involves a builder partnering with an outside investor on a real estate project in the hopes of making a profit. It’s possible for the complete capital stack to consist of a credit facility provided by a senior debt lender to the developer and additional funding contributed by a joint venture partner. However, when a developer is looking at development financing possibilities, the word “Joint Venture” is typically referred to as a 100% JV financial arrangement. In this arrangement, one party to the JV pays all of the development project’s expenses in exchange for a percentage of the final profit.

Our clients often need tailored solutions, and with this type of finance, the investor agrees to fund the project in return for a share in the profits. This can be suitable if you are ready to get the project started, but you don’t have enough capital.


Why Choose Us?

We can help you find a wide range of loan products that are not available on the open market. These are specialist products, and we can get you access to loans that you would not be able to find otherwise. On top of that, we’ll find you the best rates from experienced lenders you can trust.

We always work quickly, so you don’t have to wait around. Time is of the essence, and we can often help you to find a suitable bridging loan in Liverpool in minutes. We can gather information within the hour and arrange your loan in days.

We offer a tailored service, and we take customer service very seriously. It’s our goal to build long-term relationships with our customers, always providing maximum value.

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Once the case has been submitted and the valuation report is back the case will be formally offered and funds can be made available to drawdown, subject to the legal due diligence being complete – From start to finish, we can have deals ready in as little as 7 working days.