Equity Joint Venture Financing:- Berkeley Homes (Central London) Limited submitted a development application for the construction of 200 flats at the site 14 To 17 Paddington Green, Paddington, London, W2 1LG. The application has been awarded the contract, but it is still pending detailed approval. This privately funded project is a Brownfield Site project. This project will involve demolition of existing infrastructure and construction of 200 flats.

Hank Zarihs Associates | Paddington Green | 200 Apartments Will Cost an Estimated £15M

Equity Joint Venture Financing

The project will be completed in the duration of 24 months. It will begin in September 2017 and finish in September 2019. Upon completion, the site area for the project will cover 1400 square meters. The construction will feature 1 structure with 200 units. The structure will be 14 storeys high and include 92 one bed houses, 87 two bed houses, 21 three bed houses and 61 parking spaces for the residents. This private residential development will include commercial access and estate routes, surface car parking, flats and apartments.

The lead architect is Mr Matti Lampila of Piercy & Company and he will be joined by Ms Fiona Flaherty of Turley Associates, who will be the primary planner of the project. Buro Happold will provide its services in Mechanical and Electrical engineering consultancy, Structural engineering consultancy and Energy consultancy. Berkeley Homes (Central London) Limited is the chief contractor of this project.

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