Fast Commercial Bridging Loans News:- Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine has submitted a development application for the development of 736 student beds and 85 flats. The site chosen for this project is 140 Wales Farm Road, Acton, London, W3 6UG. The application is still pending detailed approval for the construction. This is a privately funded Brownfield Site project.

Hank Zarihs Associates | Perfume Factory West London | 736 Units | Costing for £110M

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The estimated duration of this project is 36 months. Once completed, the development will cover a floor area of 27794 square meters and a site area of 7300 square meters. The development will include construction of 3 structures, consisting of 85 units. These structures will be 31 storeys high and include 58 one bed houses, 27 two bed houses. Furthermore, this development will also involve 736 beds for students. This project will consist of residential units, general offices, canteens, kitchens, surface car parking and decorative landscapes.

Mr. Daniel Donnelly of CJCT Architects has been chosen as the lead architect for the project, and he will be accompanied by Mr James of DP9 Planning Consultants, who will be the planner for this project. Mr. Paul Barratt of Fabrik Limited will be the services of the Landscape architect, while Currie & Brown UK Limited will be the primary Quantity Surveyor for the project.

Horae Lea will be in charge of consultancy services in the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering and Sustainability. WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff (Head Office) will ensure the stability of Structural engineering. Curtins Consulting Engineers is the primary Transport consultant for this project.

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