London Property Market:-St George Developments Limited has submitted an application for the development of residential houses and commercial property on the site Hammersmith Embankment Site Known as Fulham Reach. An estimated cost of £8.5M will be used in the construction of mixed-use development of 9 storeys, comprising of 92 units. The physical structure will also include an underground storey. The project is still pending contract and details approval. This project is a new build, which means that the construction will be commenced upon the previously vacant property.

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The total number of residential units is 92, including 38 one bedroom houses, 33 two bedroom houses, 17 three bedroom houses and 4 four bedroom houses. These residential units will be paired with commercial units such as offices, corporate workplaces and kitchens. The project will also include a parking area and landscaping structures.

This private development features commercial units such as private offices, general and associated offices, cash handling offices, retailing units, kitchens and restaurants, laboratories, R&D workplaces and surface car parking venues. Decorative landscaping, commercial and estate routes and residential houses are also included in this project.

The services associated with this development include passenger lifts, fire escapes and safety measures such as temporary fencing around the development. Facing brickwork wall cladding will be accompanied by double glazing. Balconies, safety fences, guard rails, external doors, soft and hard landscaping, stairs and footpaths for pedestrians will also be a part of this privately funded project. Commencement of the project is in 2019, and once finished, the development will cover 553 square meters.

St George Developments Limited will oversee and manage the entire project. The lead architect firm is JTP, which will be led by the architect Mr Ian Fenn. Planner and Landscape architects include Quod Planning Limited and Broadway Malyan Head Office respectively. Mr Tom Vernon will act as the planning director, while Mr James Gregory will join the project as the leading landscape architect.

Civil Engineering consultancy and transportation consultancy will be provided by PFA Consulting, while the sustainability consultancy will be headed by Richard Hodkinson Consultancy. The lead contractor of this project is St George Developments Limited, which is located at St George House, 16 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, Fulham, London, SW6 2UB.

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