Commercial Property Loans News: Cheers to Architekton for gaining planning for the mixed-use development comprising of housing, commercial and business units with associated access, parking, and landscaping at Duke Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3AP. With the help of property development finance loans, the client will easily develop the mixed-use units in time.

commercial property loans

Commercial Property Loans

The total site area covered by this development will be 2 Ha. A total of 30 new units will be developed for this project. The project will begin in September 2019. This is a privately funded brownfield site project, and the primary council for the development is Broads National Park.

Architekton has been chosen to fill the role of the primary architecture firm. Architekton will also serve as the primary project manager for the mixed-use development. Robinson Low Francis Head Office will act as the lead CDM Coordinator for the entire project. With the help of easily payable property Commercial Property Loans, the client will be able to finish all their construction projects within the allotted deadlines and financial budget.

The developers and investors of this big project can avail easy and hassle-free capital from HZA for making their infrastructure goal a hugesuccess.

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