Property Bridging Loan News:- MEC London Property 2 LP has officially submitted an application for the development of Mitsubishi Towers at the site between 150 Leadenhall Street, and 6-8 Bishopsgate, City, London, EC2N 4DA. This privately funded project has been categorized as a Brownfield Site project, and it will involve the demolition of the existing infrastructure on the land, before beginning the development of the Mitsubishi tower on the land.

Hank Zarihs Associates | Mitsubushi Tower | £250M | HZA

The project will begin development in the third quarter of 2018 and finish development in the third quarter of 2022. The project will feature the construction of meeting rooms, changing facilities, viewing gallery and retail, restaurant use at the part ground floor and mezzanine level. The entire structure in the construction will be 40 storeys high. The floor and the site are for the development will be 68452 square meters and 4460 square meters respectively. 2 storeys will also be developed below the ground level. Property Bridging Loan required for such projects can be availed by infrastructure developers from HZA associates at reasonable terms.

Wilkinson Eyre Architects Head Office will be joining the project as the lead architect, while Gerald Eve (Head Office) will join the project as the primary planner. The consultancy services in the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Sustainability, and Structural Engineering will be provided by Arup Head Office.

Prospective investors and developers can easily get capital from HZA for realizing their goal of infrastructure development as well as getting good returns by investing in this high end project.



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