Vanity Properties Limited deserves well-earned praise for gaining planning for the development of a twenty-two storey building which will include 32 one, 77 two and 2 three bedroom flats with offices, gym, retail space, ground floor lounge, landscaping and access works. The chosen site for the project is 225 City Road, City, London, EC1V 1JT. With the help of fast bridging loans, the client will stabilize the project’s financial budget and finish the development in time.

The council for this project is Hackney. The project will begin in February 2019. The total floor area will be 33343 square meters. 1 structure rising as high as 22 storeys will be erected, and it will house 100 residential and commercial units. 32 one bed houses, 66 two bed houses, and 2 three bed houses will be featured in this development.



The primary architecture firm for the entire development will be Allford Hall Monaghan Morris. DP9 Limited will take the role of the primary planner firm. The lead quantity surveyor for the project will be AECOM. Grant Associates has been chosen to serve as the landscape architecture firm.

The primary consulting engineer for the Mech & Elec engineering and sustainability will be DSA Engineering. Elliott Wood Partnership Head Office will serve as the primary civil engineering consultant. The client will take help from the fast bridging loans to ensure a smooth flow of all the construction processes.

Prospective investors and developers can easily get capital from HZ Associates for realizing their goal of infrastructure development as well as getting good returns by investing in this high end project.


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