Refurbishment Loans News:-The building of the HARLOW PRIORITY ESTATES – THE BRIARS, COPSHALL CLOSE AND AYLETS FIELD have been started at The Briars, Aylets Field, Copshall Close, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7DG. The main plan is to regenerate the building which will provide development to the 343 dwellings.

This is being done due to the demolition of the bungalows with new community centre. Parking will be associated and infrastructure will be provided to access the estate roads. The detail planning is approved.

Hank Zarihs Associates | HARLOW PRIORITY ESTATES PROJECT Construction Started

Refurbishment Loans HZA

The estimated value of the site is roughly £54M. The materials consist of doors, windows, tiles and bricks. The security and movement services are also provided. HW/PL/15/00229 is the planning reference. The date of application goes back to 15th May, 2015.

The project has started on July 2016 and is supposed to end at July 2021. The total floor area is 77 sq. Metre with 343 units. This has all been done by the funding and support of HZA.

Harlow District Council is the project manager. The Civil Subcontractor are Houlihan & Company (Excavations) Limited and Countryside Properties. Houlihan & Company (Excavations) Limited are also the Foundations and the Groundworks subcontractor. Norman Gutteridge is the Heating & Ventilation subcontractor, Mechanical subcontractor as well as Plumbing subcontractor.

The Electrical subcontractor, the Fire Protection subcontractor and the Security subcontractor are given to Laser Electrical Services Limited. Dilpreet Brickwork Limited is the external walls subcontractor, and Shore Scaffolding Limited is the Scaffolding subcontractor. The Demolition subcontract has been given to Erith Group and JP Gattrell (Joinery) is the Joinery subcontractor.

Munster Joinery Limited is the Windows subcontractor and the Central Essex Interiors Limited is the Ceiling finishing subcontractor, the interior fitting out subcontractor and the wall finishing contractor. The painting & decorating subcontract is under DP Lawless. The interior fitting out subcontractor are T Patton Limited, Commodore kitchens Limited and The Symphony Group PLC. Lastly, Contour Roofing has the roofing subcontract. Thus, the HARLOW PRIORITY ESTATES – THE BRIARS, COPSHALL CLOSE AND AYLETS FIELD is being regenerated with the help and support of the HZA.

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