Congratulations to The University of Manchester for gaining planning for the development of 650 units at the site Oxford Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M15 6ER. This will be a Government funded pipeline project, and it will involve the construction of brand new infrastructure for business and residential purpose on the site. The Quick Bridging Loan options will keep the construction process running smoothly.

Hank Zarihs Associates | The Sir Henry Royce Institution Development Cost £235M Development Finance


The client will finish the project in 27 months. The project will begin in October 2017, and it will be finished in the first quarter of 2020. The entire development will cover a floor area and a site area of 16000 square meters and 5600 square meters respectively.

1 new structure will be erected as high as 10 storeys, and it will consist of 650 residential units for the residents. The redevelopment will also include offices, café, leisure facilities, and associated works. A total of 1000 parking spaces will be offered to the residents. This will be developed with the help of financial stability from the development finance loans.


Quick Bridging Loan

NBBJ has been assigned the role of the primary architecture firm for the redevelopment process. Lambert Smith Hampton (Manchester) will join the project as the lead planning consultants. Gillespies LLP will join the project as the primary landscape architect. The primary quantity surveyor for the entire project will be Arcadis, who will also serve as the project manager.

Arup & Partners will offer their consultancy services in the field of Mech & Elec engineering. Ramboll will offer their consultancy services in the fields of structural engineering, civil engineering, transport, and flood risk assessment. The flexible and easy terms of Quick Bridging Loan will allow the client to finish the project in 27 months.

Laing O’Rourke Northern Limited will be the primary contractor. Inasus has won the subcontracts for external walls, doors, and windows. The primary demolition subcontractor will be Expanded Limited. Crown House Technologies has also won several important subcontracts, such as security, plumbing, and heating & ventilation.

HZA always strives to offer its clients necessary financial support for the success of their real estate construction plans.


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