Commercial Finance Loan News: Congratulations to CQ Investments Limited for gaining planning for the development of the new Owen Street construction project at Owen Street & Pond Street, Old Deansgate & The River Medlock, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M3 4LB. This will be a privately funded brownfield site project, and the financial budget will be stabilized with the help of flexible property development loan.

commercial finance loan

The client will begin the project in September 2016 and finish the project in 48 months in September 2020. The entire development will cover a floor area and a site area of 3345 square meters and 1.54 Ha respectively. 4 new structures will be erected as high as 64 storeys, and 3 levels will also be constructed below the ground level.

The structures will consist of 1294 residential units for the residents. The development will also include 813 parking spaces and 209 hotel beds. Having commercial finance loan will ensure the smooth flow of construction processes.


Commercial Finance Loan

Simpson Haugh & Partners has been assigned the role of the primary architecture firm for the development process. Deloitte Real Estate will join the project as the lead planning consultants. TPM Landscape will act as the lead landscape architect.

WSP Group Limited and DP Squared Limited will offer their consultancy services in the fields of Mech & Elec engineering and structural engineering respectively. The primary civil engineering Consultant will be Civic Engineers.

The primary contractor for the entire development is Renaker Build Limited. Renaker Build Limited has won the subcontracts for ground works and foundations. Other subcontractors include MWA Eco Systems Limited, RNM Electrical Limited, G Williams Joinery Limited, and others. The development finance loan will help the client with on-time completion of the construction projects.

HZA always strives to offer its clients necessary financial support for the success of their real estate construction plans.


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