Senior Stretch Loan:-A development application has been submitted by Essential Living (Warlingham) Limited for the construction of 249 shops, flats and nursery at the site Deptford Creek, Copperas Street & Creek Road, Creekside East, Deptford, London, SE8 3BT. The mixed development funded project has been granted subcontract, but it is still pending details approval. Design submitted by Mr Alex Johnson of Assael Architecture Limited covers an area of 267 square meters, including 105 one bedroom houses, 104 two bedroom houses and 40 three bedroom houses. The entire site area is 4800 square meters, and the development falls under the category of “Brownfield Site”. The development will include two basic structures and 249 individual residential and non-commercial units.

Hank Zarihs Associates | Creekside Wharf | 249 Individual Units

Senior Stretch Loan by HZA

The project is set to commence in October 2016, and the expected date of completion is in June 2018. During a period of 20 months, the developers will construct residential units, general retailing units, general offices, kitchens, restaurants, pubs, bars and churches. Multistorey and underground parking system was proposed in the submitted design. Decorative landscaping is set to include surface car parking and commercial and estate routes for the ease of travel.

Major services include fire escapes, passenger lifts, security systems, detection alarms, entry systems and CCTV monitoring. Footpaths, road surfaces, car parking, new and altered access along with soft and hard landscaping will be a part of this mixed funded development. The estimated cost for this Brownfield site project is £50M.

BPTW Partner will join the development as the major architecture planner, while Brock Carmichael Associates Head Office will assist with landscape architecture. Led by Mr Alex Drysdale, Sweco will be consulting with areas involving mechanical and electrical engineering and it will also assist with sustainability consultancy. Walsh group is responsible for providing consultancy for the structural engineering aspects of the development.

Mr Johnathan Logan will oversee the project as the head of the management group InnC UK. Various elements of construction will be overseen and headed by different contractors such as Elements Europe Limited, O’Keefe Construction Limited, Gloster MEP Limited and others. We wish them luck in their future endeavours.

The project’s developers and investors can easily avail capital from HZA for making their infrastructure goal success and obtaining high ROI.


One Parkside Colville P2 | Cost £60M -HZA
Bernard Morgan House | Estimated at £10M