Quick Bridging Loans:-An application for the development of a 5-storey project has been submitted. 78 residential flats will be constructed on the site 140 – 150 Earlham Grove, Forest Gate, London, E7 9AB. The development application is still pending detailed approval. This privately funded project will involve the erection of new infrastructure on an empty property.

Hank Zarihs Associates | Earkham Grove | £5.8m | 78 Residential Units -HZA

Quick Bridging Loans

Estimated duration for this project is 18 months, and upon completion, the 3 structures will cover a site area of 5300 square meters. The project will feature the development of 20 one bedroom houses, 27 two bedroom houses and 31 three bedroom houses. The entire facility will provide 146 parking spaces for the residents. The project will also include decorative and major landscaping, commercial and estate routes, surface car parking and commercial access and estate roads.

Buckley Gray Yeoman Architects Limited and CGMS Limited Head Office will join this project as the primary architecture firm and primary planner respectively. Nigel Cowlin has been assigned the role of the lead landscape architect for this project.

Price & Myer consultancy firm will provide its services in the areas of Sustainability and Structural engineering. The consulting firm for Civil engineering and Flood Risk Assessment will be GTA Civils Limited.

The management group of the project consists of First Base Limited as the project manager. The investors and developers of this project, London can benefit profoundly from the real estate capitals offered by HZA. HZA works with the motive to ensure project success through its easy loan policies.


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