Property Refurbishment Loan: The renowned builder Anthology Hale Works Limited will be soon coming up with its brand new project in London, known popularly as the ANTHOLOGY HALE DEVELOPMENT Project. The site of this project has been finalized to be Sw Plothale Village, Ferry Lane, Tottenham, London, N17 9QQ. According to the granted project planning details, a single structure will be constructed on a site area and floor area of 3800 square meters and 1588 square meters respectively. The building will be of 33 storeys featuring a total of 279 units. These units will be used both for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Hank Zarihs Associates | The ANTHOLOGY HALE DEVELOPMENT Project Granted Permission to Proceed

Property Refurbishment Loan

The residential space of the building will consist of 120 one bed houses, 149 two bed houses, and 10 three bed houses. Apart from that, the building will also provide 36 spaces to be used as parking areas. The entire project has been estimated to value at £75M. Just as always, HZA is very excited about this new project and looks forward to providing necessary financial aids to the developers and investors.

According to the confirmed reports, Anthology Hale Works Limited, the project’s client had started the infrastructure construction work in September 2018. The entire project will be over with a period of 32 months, ending in May 2021. The architect group of this project consists of Hawkins Brown Architects as the lead architect, WYG as the planner, MMX Retail as the agent, and RPS Group Plc and Anthology Hale Works Limited as the Quantity surveyor. The consultant group of the project consists of Ridge & Partners LLP, Patrick Parsons, and WYG. The responsibility of project management has been taken up by none other than Anthology Hale Works Limited.

The investors and developers of the ANTHOLOGY HALE DEVELOPMENT Project can easily take up the fast and credible infrastructure capitals offered by HZA. HZ Associates always strives to offer its clients necessary financial support for the success of their real estate construction plans.

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