Online Construction Loans:-56 Curzon Street, Westminster, London, W1J 8PB has been chosen as the primary site in the development application submitted by Brockton Capital LLP. The subcontract has been awarded to the application, but it is still pending a detailed approval. The existing infrastructure on the site will be demolished, before beginning the construction of this privately funded Brownfield Project.

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From the fourth quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2019, the entire project will be developed in a duration of 16 months. The floor area for the project will be 762 square meters, while the site area will be 1700 square meters. 25 units will be developed inside 1 structure, towering 8 storeys high. 3 storeys will also be developed below the ground level. A total of 25 parking spaces will be provided for the entire project.

PLP Architecture and GVA Worldwide Head Office will act as the lead architecture firm and the lead planner for the project. The primary landscape architecture firm will be City Designer and the quantity surveyors will be Arcadis Head Office and Cast Consultancy. The consultancy services in the areas of Mechanical and Electrical engineering and Sustainability will be provided by Hoare Lea. Aecom and Transport Planning Practice will offer their services in the fields of Structural and Civil engineering respectively. The position of the building surveyor will go to Brooke Vincent and Partners.

Imtech Engineering Services London and South Limited have won mechanical subcontract, plumbing subcontract and heating and ventilation subcontract. The subcontracts for frame and groundworks has been awarded to Carey Group Plc, while John F Hunt Demolition Group has won the subcontract for demolition.

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