Instant Bridging Loans News:- The project GORTON LANE – 102 APARTMENTS & 13 HOUSES is about to start with its construction procedures at Bounded By Pottery Lane, Gorton Lane, Belle Vue Street & Polesworth Close, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M12 5JD. The council of Manchester will be supervising the construction process of this particular project. The total site area of the project sums up to 9800 sq. m.

Hank Zarihs Associates | Project GORTON LANE – 102 APARTMENTS & 13 HOUSES is going to start soon

There will be a total of 17 structures that are going to be constructed. The total number of units to be provided is 115. There will be 4 Storeys constructed and there will 94 spaces allotted additionally for parking purposes. The total value required for the construction finance of this project is estimated at £8.9m.

The companies and contacts that are involved in this project

The main client for this project is ONE Manchester with Ms. Pauline Terry, Development Manager as the contact. The architect is OMI Architects with Mr. Stuart McGrath, Architect, and Ms. Katherine Valentine, Architect as the contacts. The planner is Paul Butler Associates Limited with Mr. Julian Austin, Senior Planner , and Mr. Tom Flanagan, Planning Consultant as the contacts.

The landscape architect is DEP Landscape Architecture with Mr. Max Aughton, Landscape architect as the contact. The consulting engineer is GIA. The civil engineer, the transport consultant, and the flood risk assessment consultant are Curtis Consulting Limited. The acoustic consultant is Lighthouse Acoustics. The project manager is also ONE Manchester for this particular project.

Instant Bridging Loans – How can HZA help?

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