What Is Price Paid Data?

Here is a Brief Summary of HM Land Registry Price Paid Data for December 2017

The HM land registry price paid data is a quantitative analysis and summarization of the sale of property and real estate land in England and Wales. This data categorizes the sold property into further subcategories according to the type of the real estate land and construction. This data indicates the trade of the property according to their type and the month. This data only includes the sales, for which the registration application was received.

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The Price Paid Data Analysis for December 2017:

In the month of December 2017, over 76,300 transactions and sales took place in the real estate market of England and Wales. A complete dataset is provided along with the analysis, in which the complete address, sale price and the category of the sale can be found. Among the 76,327 sales received for registration in the month of December 2017, 56,161 were categorized as freehold, and 9,854 sales were labelled as newly built. The freehold trade showed a 13.5% decrease as compared to December 2016, whereas, an increase of 22.4% was observed in the sales of newly built property.

Due to a time difference between the initial sale of the property and its registration, only a few sales are actually made in the observed month. In the month of December 2017, only 18,974 sales took place in the month out of the total 76,327 registration applications received. The sales of residential property made for £1 million and above are considered to be among the most important and impactful transactions in this data.  335 of these sales were made in England and Wales, while 180 of these high profiles sales were transacted in Greater London. 3 of these sales were handled in each, Birmingham and Greater Manchester, while the area of Cardiff sold no property above the price tag of £1 million.

The most expensive residential property sold was for £10,075, 000 in the City of Westminster, whereas, the cheapest one was sold for £15,000 in Llanelli. Similarly, the most expensive commercial sale was made for £33,809,500 in the area of Walthamstow, and the cheapest Fast Commercial Loans sale in the commercial market was made for £100 in Chigwell.

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