Anthology Wembley Parade Limited has submitted a development application for the construction of Phase 3 of One Parkside Colville Estate on the site One Parkside, Colville Estate, Islington, London, N1 5DB. This publicly funded Brownfield Site project has been awarded subcontract, but it is still pending detailed approval. The contract type for this project is a general contract, and the project will be constructed on an empty land, without having to demolish existing infrastructure.

Hank Zarihs Associates | One Parkside Colville P3 | 198 Units -HZA

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The project will be completed in an estimated duration of 30 months, from early June 2016 to early December 2018. 2 structures will be constructed, consisting of 198 residential units, covering a site area of 4.8 Ha. 20 storeys will be erected above the ground level, while 1 storey will be developed below the ground level. The entire project will offer 39 parking spaces for 84 one bedroom, 84 two bedroom and 12 three bedroom houses. This project has earned 4 stars from sustainable homes.

Mr Luke Jackson, along with his team of architects from Karakusevic Carson Architects will act as the primary and lead architect for this project, whereas Ms Jeniffer Ross and Mr Darren Carroll of Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design Limited have been assigned the role of the primary planner for the project. Ms Elena Erickson of Vogt Landscape Limited will be joining this project as the lead Landscape architect. Tower Eight will be providing its services as the Quantity Surveyor. AECOM will provide its consultancy services in the department of Mechanical and Electrical engineering and Structural engineering.

Mr Sisa Hwalima and Mr Randal MacDonald of London Borough of Hackney is joining the project as a part of the management group. Mr Squibb Westley of Squibb Group Limited will be joining the project as the primary contractors for the demolition. Ground Construction Limited will be in charge of floor and frame construction for this project.

Brogan Group holds the subcontract for scaffolding, while the subcontract for interior fitting out was assigned to Walker Modular Limited. Rationel Windows(UK) Ltd is the subcontractor for doors and windows, and 5 Walsh & Sons Limited holds the subcontracts for groundwork and plant construction and management. Heating and Ventilation subcontract, Mechanical service subcontract and plumbing subcontract were awarded to Kane Group Building Services.

The developers and investors of the One Parkside Colville P3 Project can avail easy and hassle-free capital from Hank Zarihs Associates for making their infrastructure goal a huge success.

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