Heartiest congratulations to Wellington Place General Partner Limited for gaining planning for the development of commercial units and office space at the site 7 & 8 Wellington Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4AL. This will be a privately funded brownfield site project, which will involve the construction of new infrastructure on a previously empty land. This will be finished without any hindrances with the help of Property Financedevelopment finance loans.

Hank Zarihs Associates | The Commercial Development at 7 & 8 Wellington Place Is Estimated to Cost £83M

The client will begin the project in the fourth quarter of 2017, and the entire development will be finished in a period of 24 months, in the fourth quarter of 2019. Upon its completion, the project will cover a floor and site area of 37099 square meters and 5.5393 Ha respectively.

The newly constructed structure for the development will rise up to 8 storeys high, and 1 storey will also be developed below the ground level. A total of 182 parking spaces will be made available to the residents. The development will also include attractive landscaping, car parking, and open space. The gross retail floor space will cover an area of 2055 square meters. The client will use development finance loan to stabilize and finish their all projects.


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The primary architecture firm for the project will be Sheppard Robson. Savills will join the project as the lead planning consultants. The primary landscape architect for the development will be Gillespies. Gardiner & Theobald has been chosen to serve as the lead quantity surveyor. The primary clients for the development will be Wellington Place General Partner Limited and MEPC.

Arup and Curtins Consulting Engineers will offer their consultancy services in the fields of Mech & Elec engineering, structural engineering, and civil engineering respectively. Curtins Consulting Engineers will also offer consultancy for Transport and Flood Risk Assessment. The easy terms of development finance loan will allow the parties to deliver this project within the assigned deadline.

Wates Construction Limited will be the primary contractor for the development. Wordsworth Excavations Limited has won the subcontracts for demolition and groundworks. Northfield Construction Limited has also won several subcontracts including civils, floors, foundations, and Landscaping. SES Engineering Services is yet another client which has also won a high number of subcontracts.

Moreover, with the infrastructure loans and funds from HZA, they can get a higher return on investment.


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