Bruntwood Estates Limited deserves our sincerest congratulation for gaining planning for the development of a 17 storey building to provide 70 one-bedroom, 168 two-bedroom, 28 three flats and commercial space to provide shops, restaurant, lift, bar and office with associated landscaping. This will serve as the block 7 & 8 for the existing development in the area. The chosen site is former Bbc Site, New Broadcasting House, Oxford Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M60 7HB. With the help of property development finance loans, the client will be able to finish this development in £22.3M.

The client will finish this development in 30 months. The project will begin in January 2018, and it will be finished in July 2020. 1 new structure, comprising 266 new residential units will be erected with the help of property development finance loans. The structure will rise up to 17 storeys high. 70 one bed houses, 168 two bed houses, and 28 three bed houses will be developed. The floor and the site area for the project will cover an area of 1628 square meters and 3877 square meters respectively.



Primary architecture firm for the development will be Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects. They will be joined by Deloitte Real Estate, who will serve as the lead planner. Planit IE will serve as the lead landscape architect. The overall project manager for the development will be Bruntwood Estates Limited.

The consultant group includes Crookes Walker Consulting, Sustainable Assessments Limited and Curtins Consulting Limited. The contractors include John Sisk & Son Limited, FK Group, NG Bailey & Company Limited, and MPB Structures Limited.

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