Waverley Borough Council deserves our heartiest congratulations for gaining planning for the construction of 239 housing units, 8 screen cinema, shop, restaurant and cafe following demolition of existing buildings. The chosen site for the project is East Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7SD. With the help of Property Bridging Loan, the client will ensure that the project is finished within the deadline.

The council for this project is Waverley. The project will begin in January 2019. The new structures will be erected as high as 3 storeys. A total of 239 residential units will be developed for the residents. The floor and the site area for the project will be 9814 square meters and 3.95 Ha respectively. A total of 694 parking spaces will be made available for the residents.

Crest Nicholson Plc will be the associated developer for the project. The primary architecture firms for the entire development will be Scott Brownrigg Limited Head Office. The lead planner for the project will be Southern Planning Practice Limited. Murdoch Wickham will fill the role of the lead landscape architect. EC Harris & Partners will take the role of quantity surveyor.

The primary consulting engineer for the Mech & Elec engineering fields will be White Young Green. The primary consultant for structural engineering will be Thomasons Limited. The client will take help from the Property Bridging Loan to develop the project in time.

Waverley Borough Council will be the primary project manager for the firm. Crest Nicholson Plc will be the lead contractor for the entire development process.This project could be a high return option for investors and a high end address for future residents.

Prospective investors and developers can easily get capital from HZ ASSOCIATES for realizing their goal of infrastructure development as well as getting good returns by investing in this high end project.


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