Online Development Finance News:- Finding the right property or plot of land to redevelop without spending a fortune on professional help is often difficult.

Most property developers want an accurate picture about the site they’re interested in without having to wait too long.

Hank Zarihs Associates | New Online Reports on Potential Development Land Give Buyers in-depth Insight

But a hasty decision without the right due diligence could be a disaster. There are a whole raft of potential issues. Is the building listed or in a conservation area? Is it on a flood plain? Is the land contaminated? What is the council’s planning vision for the area?

These are important questions developers must consider first. Usually, this involves hiring an architect and building surveyor to inspect the property, land and environs. The developer might have to wait weeks or even months before getting their assessment.

Speed is of the essence

A new online service offering a critical appraisal within five days is now available through finance brokers Hank Zarihs Associates. Prospective buyers just need to give the address of the site to get the low down on the plot.

The appraisal will flag up important issues such as whether the land is in the Green Belt or an area of outstanding national beauty. Crucially, it will tell the reader what the local authority’s thinking is for the area where the site is located. For example, does the council need to build 20,000 new homes in the vicinity to meet housing targets over the next five years?  How keen are they to build on brown field land and what residential developments are they interested in? Do they want a mixed tenure development with home owners, renters and some local shops and businesses. Is there more of a housing need for two-bedroom properties than five-bed houses?

Insight into the council’s views on converting existing industrial buildings, whether it’s a former factory or old gas works, are also given. Will the developer need to do remedial work to get rid of dangerous chemicals and make the land safe?

Online Development Finance – Getting a clear picture

The appraisal weighs up all of this and offers 3-D architectural modelling on the type of development which could be build on the site. This includes a video showing different accesses to the scheme, proposed height of the buildings and how it fits in to the surrounding area.

Hank Zarihs chief executive officer, Shiraz Khan, says the appraisals priced at £1,000 for a proposed development of up to ten units and £1,500 for larger projects is value for money.

“These reports are comprehensive and take out the headache of finding suitable professionals to do initial assessments on the site. The fact that you can get such a detailed analysis in less than a week is a major plus for developers where waiting costs money and sometimes even the opportunity to put a bid in for a site.”

Finally, there are key facts on everything from education to rail and road links and examples of other successful planning applications granted over the last decade.

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