Cheers to Motcomb Estates Limited for gaining planning for the construction of residential units and a hotel at the site Millbank Tower, Millbank Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 4QP. This will be a privately funded brownfield site project, which will involve the demolition of the existing infrastructure before the construction of a new one. The client will use the development finance to fund other projects, while they dedicate their resources to this development.

Hank Zarihs Associates | The Millbank Tower Project for Mixed Development Cost £100M

The client will begin the project in September 2019, and the entire Online Development Finance will be finished in a period of 36 months precisely, in September 2022. Upon its completion, the project will cover a floor area of 29877 square meters, and the site area will cover 1.42 Ha.

3 new storeys will be developed for the project, and the entire development will rise as high as 37 storeys. This development is an extension to the previously built infrastructure. The new storeys will consist of 215 residential units for the residents. 74 one bedroom, 109 two-bedroom, 30 three-bedroom, 2 four-bedroom, and 195 hotel beds will be featured in this project. Props to the client for earning 4 stars rating from Sustainable Homes and an Excellent from BREEAM Rating. The excellent ratings helped the client to secure the needed development finance.

The primary architecture firm for the project will be John McAslan & Partners. DP9 Planning Consultants will join the project as the lead planning consultants. The primary landscape architect for the development will be Robert Myers Associates Landscape Architecture. Arcadis will act as the primary quantity surveyor for the entire project.

With the help of development finance to take care of the construction budget, the client can focus on several projects at the same time. Hoare Lea will offer their consultancy services in the fields of Mech & Elec engineering. AKT II will consult for the structural engineering and civil engineering. The Energy Practice Limited is the lead sustainability consultant for this development.

HZA for making this big infrastructure aim a huge success. Moreover, with funding from HZA, they can get a high return on investment.

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