Instant Bridging Finance:- A futuristic project on an incredible location is on the way in Birmingham area. The site is former National Exhibition Centre on Marston Green, Birmingham. This lucrative project is named as NEC-Solihull project. This project has designs on providing 315,000 sq m of floor space for businesses along with 2500 residential spaces. HANK ZARIHS ASSOCIATES is always willing to provide instant bridging finance for this kind of projects by facilitating debt and equity for professional investors and developers. Incredible city central location of the project site makes it inevitable for businesses ranging from start-ups to companies with global presence to converge here and increase their growth potential. Adjacency of this site from railway station and airport makes it easily and promptly reachable.

Hank Zarihs Associates | NEC-SOLIHUL Project – An Upcoming Hub for Technology

Estimated at 297.2M pounds, this project is planned to be executed in three phases over a period of  ten years. Phase 1 incorporates construction of Block A & B consisting of 1250 houses each wherein each house incorporates use of art of class design, space management and optimum proximity to each other to preserve privacy and minimize outer disturbance when one is in their home’s comfort. Expectations are that houses will be available for rented accommodation and purchase within 7 years after commencement of the construction. Phase 2 will commence in fifth year from beginning of project and it encompasses construction of Office floor space.



Each office consists of sound-proof glass cabinets and modular office fittings to ensure privacy while working in a modern environment. Each building’s  design is “green” to minimize the use of air conditioning which makes it cost effective. The project will be planned in such a way that they are able to provide separate parking areas for residential and business domains. There are some indications given by the planning team that inclusion of amenities such as swimming pool, gym, parks and social areas for both residential and business segments may be on the cards for potential buyers. This project could be a high return option for investors and a high end address for future residents.

Prospective investors and developers can easily get capital from HZA for realizing their goal of infrastructure development as well as getting good returns by investing in this high end project. Read More..


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