Commercial Loans News:-The project SOUTH BANK – 928 APARTMENTS is going to start with its construction soon at the 123 – 125 Hunslet Road, Hunslet, Leeds, and West Yorkshire, LS10 1LD. The council of Leeds will be undergoing the construction for this project. The project is scheduled to start with its construction by January of 2020. The total floor area for the project sums up to 750 sq. m.

Hank Zarihs Associates | SOUTH BANK – 928 APARTMENTS Project construction going to start soon

The total site area is 2.42 Ha. There are a total of 5 structures that are going to be constructed. Total numbers of units that are going to be provided are 928. A total of 20 Storeys are going to be constructed. Among the total units provided, there will be 277 one bedroom houses, 431 two bed houses and 220 three bed houses that are going to be provided. The total construction finance value of this project is £210m.

The companies and contacts involved in this project

The clients are Knight Knox International and The Guinness Partnership. The architect is DK Architects with Mr Andy Aitken, Architect as the contact. The planner is Turley Associates with Mr Matthew Sheppard, Director as the contact. The landscape architect is Planit IE.

The Mech. & Elec. The engineer is Hydrock with Mr Adam Williams, Engineer and Mr Richard McWilliam, Engineer as the contacts. The sustainability consultant is Turley. Hydrock is also the transport consultant with Mr Chris Rushton, Transport consultant as the contact. The flood risk assessment consultant and the Acoustic consultant is Hydrock Consultants Limited. The project manager is X1 Developments with Ms Charlie Tombs, Project Manager as the contact.

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