Commercial Bridge Loan: Bandstand Square Developments Limited deserves the sincerest congratulation for gaining planning for the redevelopment of the flats, restaurants, and retail units. The site for this project is Victoria Square, Bandstand Square, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6GQ. The development finance loans will ensure that this privately funded brownfield site project is completed within the deadline.

Hank Zarihs Associates | The Victoria Square Redevelopment Will Cost £460M

This project will include the redevelopment of the existing infrastructure at Victoria Square. The project will begin in September 2017, and it will be finished in September 2020. The entire development will cover a floor area and a site area of 30940 square meters and 3.79 Ha respectively.

The 4 refurbished structures will be erected as high as 34 storeys, whereas 1 storey will also be developed underground. A total of 380 parking spaces will be featured in this redevelopment. The development finance loans will enable the client to carry out the construction process smoothly. 201 one bedroom houses, 184 two bedroom houses, and 190 hotel beds will be featured in this development.

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Associated developers include Woking Borough Council, Marks & Spencer Plc Head Office, Moyallen (Woking) Limited, and Surrey County Council. Benoy Limited has been assigned the role of the primary architecture firm for the development process. Turley Associates will join the project as the lead planning consultants. The client will use development finance loans to stabilize the redevelopment process. Gillespies Head Office will serve as the lead landscape architecture firm.

Hoare Lea will offer their consultancy services in the area of sustainability, and Mech & Elec engineering. IG Doran & Partners will be the primary structural engineering consultant. Gardiner & Theobald Limited Head Office will serve as the project manager for the entire redevelopment process. Sir Robert McAlpine Limited Head Office is the primary contractor, while Hillstreet Construction Limited has also won a substantial amount of subcontracts.

The investors and developers of the Victoria Square Redevelopment Project can easily avail fast and hassle-free capital from HZ Associates to make this real estate construction a huge success.


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