Bridge Loan News:-London Borough of Ealing Council has submitted an official application for the development of phase 3 for Green Man Lane Estate on the site Ealing Area Office, Green Man Lane, West Ealing, London, W13 0SN. The privately funded project has received the tender, but it is still pending a detailed approval.

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This project has been categorized as a Brownfield Site project.The entire development will be finished in 24 months; from March 2018 to March 2020. 136 residential units will be constructed for this project, and they will rise as high as 8 storeys. 55 one bedroom houses, 62 two bedroom houses, and 19 three bedroom houses will be featured in this project.

This project will also involve associated landscaping and surface car parking.The primary architects are Conran & Partners and Gibberd, while the primary planner firm is JLL. Ridge and Partners LLP is the primary consultant in the fields of structural engineering and civil engineering. John Rowan & Partners Head Office is among the management group and will be acting as Employers Agent.

The investors and developers of this project can easily take up the fast and credible infrastructure capitals offered by HZA. HZA always strives to offer its clients necessary financial support for the success of their real estate construction plans.



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