Best Bridging Finance:- London Borough of Lambeth has officially submitted a development application for Phase 1 of Westbury Estate Regeneration, which will be located at The Westbury Estate, Wandsworth Road, South Lambeth, London, SW8 3ND. The project will cost an estimated £20.2M. This is a Brownfield Site project, which was funded publicly. It will involve demolition of existing real estate property and construction of new buildings and units.

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The construction of 270 units in the form of 8 structures will cover a site area of 2.87 Ha. These structures will rise 8 storeys high, and it will feature 532 parking spaces. This project will include demolition of 89 existing homes on the site, and construction of 270 residential units with new and improved open space, playgrounds and vehicular and cycle parking spaces.

Mr Tom Mitchell of Metropolitan Workshop will head the project as the lead architect. Ms Hilary Satchwell of Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design Limited will be joining the project as the primary planner. Mr Paul Shirley of Camlins will become a part of this project as the landscape architect.

The consultant group of the project will include TGA Consulting Engineers as Mechanical and Electrical engineering and Sustainability consultants, Campbell Reith Hill as Civil engineering, Transport and Floor risk assessment consultants. Mr Ned Baker and Mr David Callaghan of CPC Project Consultancy Limited (Head Office) will be joined by Mr Neil Vokes of London Borough of Lambeth as the project managers of the project.

The developers and investors of the Westbury Estate Regeneration Project can avail easy and hassle-free capital from HZA for making their infrastructure goal a huge success.


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