What was needed?

Our client in Kent had converted a former public house into 6 residential units but decided they’d like to keep 3 of those units as a property investment in their portfolio.

The client wanted to refinance the project in order to pay off their existing agreements and investors for a longer term agreement.

What did we do?

We sat down with the client and discussed the project, their needs and the length of time they were looking to retain their property investments for.

After establishing these facts, we then sought to shop the market and help the client arrange a longer term Buy-To-Let mortgage across the three properties.


The market value of the properties was £880,000 and with the landlord’s deposit, the amount borrowed was 75% of the market value.


As a long term agreement, the interest was arranged at 4.74% per year.


The mortgage was agreed at a fixed rate and over a fixed term of 10 years.


The client’s exit plan was to sell the property after the 10 year term had matured.