Bridging Development Term
Minimum Loan Size £250,000 £750,000 £100,000
Maximum Loan Size £50,000,000 No Upper Limit £50,000,000
Minimum Term 1 Month 3 Months 2 Years
Maximum Term 24 Months 36 Months 35 Years
Gearing Up to 80% LTV Up to 75% LTGDV Up to 80% LTV
Location Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide

Our Sales Process


You call us and we discuss your enquiry, we will find out what product is suited to your needs- we need just 5 mins of your time.


We then get terms agreed from our panel of lenders and send you by email a comparison of the market, you then inform us of which option you which to proceed with – you will get these within 20 minutes


We then Package the application on behalf of our lender, you will need to provide relevant supporting documents, ID, proof of address etc. We will instruct valuation and legal the same day and you will make payment direct- We don’t make any mark on these fees.


Once the case has been submitted and valuation report is back the case will be formally offered and funds can be made available to drawdown, subject to the legal due diligence being complete – From start to finish we can have deals ready in as little as 3 days with some lenders, on average it will take 7 working days. If you need the funds sooner CALL US NOW!!

Funding breakdown -Hank Zarihs