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Liverpool has, for some time now, consistently ranked as one of the best areas in the country for property yields. According to Totally Money’s yield map, Liverpool has ranked in the top 5 areas in the entire country since 2015.

There’s a reason for that, and Liverpool is one of the most popular cities to live and work, and especially when we consider demographic and economic changes meaning that many more people are studying and going on to live in northern English university cities.

This has led to something of a Private Rental Sector boom in these places, and Liverpool especially, meaning that we’ve seen a lot more enquiries come from our clients about bridging loans.

With that in mind, we’ve put some information together to give you a rundown on bridging loans in Liverpool.

Looking to buy a property in Liverpool?

There are currently plenty of people looking to buy property in the city, so you’re not alone and you’re going to be joining a booming local market with lots of people vying for and competing for a limited number of properties.

Where we’ve seen many of our clients utilising bridging loans and finance is breaking down property chains so that there isn’t a risk of losing out. For example, a client may use a bridging loan to purchase their new house before they’ve completed the sale of their previous house, therefore cutting out the risk of a chain falling through.

With property in the city being extremely popular, we’re seeing more people also utilise bridging finance to renovate or improve their property at the point of purchase.

Hank Zarihs Associates Bridging loan service

As an experienced broker service, we offer bridging finance to a huge range of clients and customers for many different purposes. We have built a team of friendly and experienced advisors who can give you all the information you need about bridging finance.

Due to the fact that we work with such a wide variety of lenders and investors, we can offer you exclusive and market beating rates on terms on bridging finance, and often we can get you agreements in principle the very same day so that you can see what we can offer.

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Do high street banks offer bridging loans?

Some do, but bridging finance is still considered quite a niche product and so, in the main, the answer is that most don’t offer bridging loans or finance.

Bridging loans are generally offered by specialist companies, lenders and brokers, and that’s often where you’ll receive the best rates because they understand the process and the risk profile of customers who require a bridging loan.

Typical interest rates of bridging loans?

It’s important to say that, largely, interest rates for a bridging loan will very much depend on your personal circumstances, such as your credit rating and the property you’re looking to purchase or, alternatively, the security you’re offering on the loan.

Secondly, it will also depend on the length of time you’re looking to borrow as well as the amount, however, to give you an illustration of typical rates, we’ll show you different rates for different Loan To Value’s, or LTV.

For 50% LTV, you’d pay 0.45%, for 55% LTV it would be 0.49%, for 60% LTV it would be 0.54%, for 65% LTV it would be 0.59%, 70% LTV would be 0.64%, 75% LTV would be 0.69%, at 80% you would pay roughly 1.00% per month, but again these are rates that will depend you your circumstances.

Bridging loan calculator

So that you can decide whether a bridging loan is the right finance for you, we’ve put together a bridging loan calculator for you to play with, where you can change the inputs to see how things like, payment length, deposit amount, and total loan amount may affect repayments and your affordability.

This is designed to give you an illustration, so if you’d like to speak to us about getting a more detailed quote, then just pick up the phone or drop us an email.

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Our team are ready and waiting to take your questions about bridging loans and mortgages, so why not pick up the phone today or drop us an email, and we can speak to you in a bit more detail about bridging loans.