Commercial Loan Providers: Greystar Europe Holdings Limited submitted an application for the construction for residential use development on 9th September 2016. This Brownfield Site project is set to be constructed on the site Former GlaxoSmithKline site and Former Sunblest Bakery Site, Greenford Road, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 0HE. The subcontract has been awarded for the application, while a detailed approval is still pending for this privately funded project. This project is the creation of new infrastructure on the land. This large scheme will be funded by development finance, this is due to the competitive rates on a project of this size.

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This project will begin in 2018. Once completed, the project will feature 9 structures with 1965 housing units for residential purposes, covering a floor area of 21443 square meters and a site area of 10.6 Ha. These structures will rise as high as 19 storeys. This development will involve surface car parking, shops, access and landscaping, and restaurants. A total of 837 parking spaces will be offered to the residents. The development will also feature a new Health Centre, a primary school, and contemporary new retail offices.

Mae LLP Architects, HTA Design LLP, Iceni Projects Limited and Hawkins Brown Architects have been chosen as the lead architects for this project, and they will be accompanied by Tower Eight, who will act as the primary quantity surveyor.

Meinhardt will provide its services in Mechanical and Electrical engineering consultancy, while they will also assist with the consultation of structural and civil engineering. The project manager for the group is Iceni Projects Limited.

The investors and developers of this project can easily take up the fast and credible infrastructure capitals offered by HZA. HZA always strives to offer its clients necessary financial support for the success of their real estate construction plans.


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