Property Developer Finance News:- Taylor Wimpey North West has earned our heartiest congratulation for gaining planning for the development to provide 205 homes, community building, opens spaces, playgrounds, landscaping and associated work. The chosen site for the project is Hollin Lane, Middleton, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M24 5LF.

The client will take financial help of property developer finance loans, and finish the development of 205 houses within the pre-determined financial budget. The project will begin in early October of 2018. The total number of units offered to the residents will be 205 new homes. The floor and the site area of the development will be 500 square meters and 10.77 Ha respectively.

The development finance loans will help the client with finishing the project well within the allotted deadline. The primary architecture firm for the entire development is Taylor Wimpey North West, and they will also serve as the lead quantity surveyor. Turley Associates Limited (Head Office) will join the development as the lead planner firm.

The lead sustainability consultant will be Award Energy. Taylor Wimpey North West will also fill the role of the project manager. The primary contractor will be Taylor Wimpey Manchester.

The project’s developers and investors can easily gain access to capital from HZA for making this big infrastructure aim a huge success. Moreover, with funding from HZA, they can get a high return on investment.

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